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What more harmony in the workplace?

Corporate Programs

The Vestibule Center for Sound Living is the premier expert in sound interventions to combat fatigue, stress and burnout in the workplace. Our practical approach blends natural, time-tested methods of sound-based remedies with contemporary scientific understanding and cutting-edge technology.

our philosophy

 is based on a simple formula:



A solid business is built on the people who work there. A thriving workforce means a thriving company. If your team is stressed, anxious, overworked, or burnt out, they can't produce the excellent results your company is known for. 

what we do

We get your team back in the groove...

Let us create a SOUND ENVIRONMENT that will help your people feel and do their best. Our onsite treatments and stress-management programs deliver the strategies, techniques, tools and processes that get results:


Better work environments  •  Increased concentration and focus  •  Enhanced creativity
More cooperative teamwork  •  Reduced absenteeism

Happier, more productive workforce ​

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