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Don't let stress mess with your mood
Don't let job stress wear you out
Job stress is costly

According to the American Institute for Stress, the epidemic of stress carries a price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over $300 billion annually as a result of:

  • Accidents

  • Absenteeism

  • Employee turnover 

  • Diminished productivity 

  • Direct medical, legal, and insurance costs

  • Workers’ compensation awards


Recent studies of attitudes in the workplace reveal that 80% of workers feel stress on the job - nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help.


  • 62% routinely find that they end the day with work-related neck pain, 44% reported stressed-out eyes, 38% complained of hurting hands and 34% reported difficulty in sleeping because they were too stressed-out

  • 19% (almost 1 in 5) had quit a previous position because of job stress and nearly one in four have been driven to tears because of workplace stress

  • 14% have felt like striking a coworker in the past year; 25% have felt like screaming or shouting because of job stress 

  • 12% have called in sick because of job stress


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