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Valerie Carpenter

Just For You

With the hectic pace of our modern world, staying in balance and harmony takes resolve and commitment. After more than twelve years in practice, I've seen over and over again that it can take more than one session to completely unwind. Likewise, a lifetime of holding, trauma, anxiety or fear can't be released in an hour. That's why I've created one-of-kind programs to help you achieve and maintain your
precious inner harmony.

If you wish to take a Deep Dive to achieve your healing goals, consider one of our signature programs below.
With expert facilitation drawing from a vast toolkit of healing modalities, together we address the physical, emotional, somatic, psycho-spiritual and psychic dimensions of your current situation and move you to a renewed and more integrated Self. By becoming a co-creator of your healing journey, you will accomplish more in a shorter time than you can possibly imagine.

Prefer to test the water first?

Check out our individual sessions here.

How would you like to feel? 
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Humming Along

Are you looking to stay healthy with the seasons and keep stress at bay? Do you take your heath and wellbeing for granted until you get sick or too tired to function? Stay in tune with a monthly subscription service to our Inner Harmony Sound Healing sessions.

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One 90-minute session/month for a year


Safe and Sound

Based on more than 40 years of research into social-emotional processes, this groundbreaking program developed by Dr. Stephen Porges is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience.

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Five 75-minute sessions | 5 consecutive days


Free at Last

Are you finally ready to get to the other side of the fear, anxiety, or depression that has shadowed you for a lifetime? Has your unresolved past resulted in undesirable consequences for your health, your livelihood and your relationships in the present?

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Comprehensive 6-month program

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