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With the hectic pace of our modern world, it can take more than one session to completely unwind. These series were created for those who understand that deep relaxation can go a long way toward making your life healthier, happier and more productive.

Get yourself to a new plateau of relaxation by signing up for a package of three sessions followed by regular tune-ups.

 Good to be home again 

Triple Harmony

 Flying high 

Frequent Flyer

 Ultimate Ahhh!  

Mind, Body, Beauty
co-creative healing journeys

If you wish to go deep and take a pro-active role in your healing goals, consider one of these healing programs. With expert facilitation drawing from a vast toolkit of healing modalities, together we address the physical, emotional, somatic, psycho-spiritual and psychic dimensions of your current situation and move you to a renewed and more integrated Self. By becoming a co-creator of your healing journey, you will accomplish more in a shorter time than you can possibly imagine.


 Meeting my True Self 

 Free at last! 

Dimensional Integration
Spiritual Emergence
Trauma/Abuse Recovery