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An invitation from Sound Healing Pioneer Vickie Dodd

Dear Friends of the Vestibule,

Nada Brahma…

This concept from ancient India means that the whole universe was created from the energy of sound…

Have you experienced the healing power of sound? I have, and for over 50 years I have been using voice and sound as a healing modality with thousands of folks. I speak from much experience that our voices are a simplistic way to maintain a level of physical health and a direct way to relieve stress on a daily basis. Sounding is about the power of listening... the musicians of ancient times were regarded for how much Soul, how much listening they were bringing forth, not for how perfect their chops were. And in this listening and sounding we discover our chakra systems become balanced, our alignment changes. Sound changes form. Sound rearranges form. Sound creates form.

And are you aware that your vocal sounds reveal what you may need nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually? Then you won't want to miss my conversation with Alec Sims on self-healing with your own voice!

Every living being (in fact, everything in the universe!) is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you—from your organs to your bones to your tissues to the fluid in your cells and the electromagnetic field around your body—has a healthy vibrational frequency.

When you’re out of harmony with a part of yourself or your environment, the resonance of your vibratory frequency is low. This dissonance causes dis-ease and stress — and, over time, chronic illness and other imbalances.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join the Sound Healing Global Summit, sponsored by the Shift Network—where you’ll discover the curative and evolutionary powers of proven sound-healing therapies with me and some of today’s leading experts in the fascinating field of vibrational medicine.

Sound Healing Global Summit Banner

Free Online Event Sound Healing Global Summit Open to the Power of Vibrational Medicine September 9-13, 2019

I’m honored to be among more than 35 of today’s highly sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners—including Eileen McKusick, Jonathan Goldman, John Beaulieu, Christine Stevens, Chloë Goodchild, Deva Premal and Miten, Barbara Borden, Steve Halpern, Mona Delfino, John Stuart Reid, and others—sharing the latest science and leading-edge techniques in sound healing.

During this groundbreaking 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Sacred healing chants, breathing, mantras, and sonic meditations to empower you and balance your mind

  • The nature and inter-relationship of sound, healing, and consciousness

  • The role of tone, tempo, and pattern as primary components of therapeutic music and sound

  • The intersection between stillness and sound—for heart coherence and resonance with the field

  • How simple sound and meditation techniques can help you reset your nervous system, boost your immunity, and cultivate compassionate relationships

  • The power of drum-sing-dance… how to de-stress in 15 minutes or less and bring more joy into your life

  • Exactly how sound and vibration work—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Practical tips for expanding your personal sound practice and sharing it with others

  • New science and research uncovering the true potential of music in integrative medicine

  • Conscious listening as a bridge to creativity and connectivity

  • Acoustical bridges to your spiritual self, essential nature, and highest purpose … and so much more.

Join me and the amazing panel of other presenters to equip yourself with the right approaches and techniques in vibrational medicine for YOU—and increase your vibrancy, balance, and restoration in the process.

Yours truly, Vickie

P.S. My work is usually locked in my treasure trove, and not easily accessible. Here's your chance to directly access a profound interview with me!

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