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Shamanic Sound Healing

90 minutes online  |  $150

In a Shamanic Sound Healing session, sound and vibration—combined with intuitive facilitation—gently guide you to a safe and creative space where you can embark on a profound healing journey.


By listening intently to the frequencies emanating from your muscles, tissues, and cells, as well as the energy fields surrounding your body, the musical "composition" of your present being becomes apparent. Using my voice to sound these frequencies, we are able to loosen stuck energy, allowing the innate wisdom of your body to regain its natural balance and grace.

This is multi-dimensional, co-creative healing journey. It helps clear the source of disharmony and disease by unwinding limiting beliefs, releasing core emotional wounding, dispelling unwanted energies, healing past lives, and restoring lost or fragmented aspects of the Self. You emerge with new awareness and restoration of deep inner tranquility.


Clients report newfound connection with spirit allies, profound relaxation, enhanced vitality, liberation from the past, renewed lightness of being, return to joy, and a deeper understanding of their soul’s journey.

Consider this session if:

  • You crave profound healing that encompasses body, mind, and spirit.
  • You want to shift negative energy that's holding you back from your desires.

  • You're willing to take a deep dive so you can resolve longstanding issues.

  • You are a visionary, seeker, and pathfinder looking for a sister on the path to hold space for your own personal journey.

How it works:


We meet in the privacy of a secure Zoom room, and spend a few minutes discussing what's up for you and your most expansive goals for how you would like to feel at the end of our session. During our time together, I will use my voice and, at times, may encourage you to participate with your own voice. As we proceed, we co-create your healing experience, allowing it to unfold naturally and effortlessly. 

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