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Online Soul Retrieval

3 hours | Available In-person & Online  |  $495

In indigenous cultures across the globe, soul loss is considered the leading cause of disharmony and disease. In these cultures, the medicine healer or shaman—often along with the community—would immediately address the spiritual disintegration that accompanies any wounding or injury. 

In our modern world, we lack the rituals and resources to address the distinct fragmentation that occurs when we experience trauma, abandonment, injury or persistent neglect. At such times, our soul can fragment, leaving us feeling like something vital is missing and opening a gateway to illness and psycho-spiritual malaise. Psychologists refer to this as dissociation, but have little knowledge of the terrain in which part of our vital essence, or soul, can be lost.


In a soul retrieval journey, we track down these lost aspects of the soul and bring them home. You get more of yourself to bring to your life and feel more connected and whole. The session includes a detailed recording of your healing journey.

Consider this session if:

  • You have a history of severe or recurrent trauma. This may include abuse, loss of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, car accidents, surgeries, birth or generational trauma.

  • You sense that something is "missing" in life, or that you are not fully present to the goodness in your life.

  • You experience recurring patterns that you can't seem to understand or shift, no matter how hard you try.

  • You are called to be a "lineage healer," to heal dysfunction or soul loss in your ancestral line.

  • You feel a lack of joy.



When you book a Soul Retrieval ​session, I will send you an article with additional information, along with four questions to consider and return to me before your session. The session consists of three parts:


  1. During the first 45–60 minutes, we'll explore your answers in depth, as well as your goals for the session, and address any questions you may have.

    [If we are meeting remotely, we'll conduct this portion over Zoom. After this, we'll take a break and I'll text you when I'm ready to begin the second part.]


  2. For this next phase (45–60 minutes), if you are with me in person, you get to  rest comfortably on the massage table, while I go into a light trance and commence the Soul Retrieval. At this time, I am in sacred space, not only exploring your energy field, but doing actual work that is in accordance with your goals.

    With your permission, I can work with your spirit guides, look into your ancestral and karmic ties, and repair what needs to be repaired before bringing home any soul parts that are ready and willing to come back to you.

    You most likely will experience multiple soul retrievals during the session, and may feel distinct sensations in your body during this time.

    [If you are a remote client, you'll be relaxing at home or out in nature, perhaps meditating or taking a bath, and staying present with your body while I journey on your behalf. I'll text you when the journey is finished, compile some notes, and give you an ETA when we will resume online.]


  3. At this time, I will give you a detailed recounting of the journey and any work I did on your behalf, which often seems quite cinematic as I am describing perceptions and encounters from your individual dream time. You will have the opportunity to share your reflections and ask any questions.

    This portion also lasts 45–60 minutes. You will receive a recording of our entire conversation.


Please note:

The work begins the minute you book your session. You may begin to notice stirrings of anticipation that are not always comfortable. This is totally normal!

The work also begins for me in response to your request. Because of the time and energy required for a Soul Retrieval session, yours will be the only session I book for the entire day. I appreciate your consideration in giving 72 hours notice should you need to reschedule.

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