Evolutionary Sound Training with Vickie Dodd

Join us this June in the majestic Olympic National Park in Washington State for our 2018 Evolutionary Sound Training with internationally renowned Sound Healing pioneer Vickie Dodd - a week devoted to using our Voices to dissolve all that has hindered our capacity to Love unconditionally.

June 14 - 21, 2018


“If you Love something enough, it will reveal itself to you. 
Gratitude is the alchemy that creates Love.”

The Rainforest calls us . . . We come together this year in the bountiful beauty of the Olympic rainforest to bathe in its healing and constantly forgiving ways. I have experienced phenomenal healing of mind, body and spirit within its embrace, and am grateful for this opportunity to share the healing energy of the old growth forest, the Olympic Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and all the teachings revealed within this sacred terrain. The power and generosity of Nature here provides potent support as we explore the effect of the environment on our voices, our mind-body connections. There are quiet times included each day for silence, listening and deep resting in this rainforest environment. 
We will learn how to use our voice as our medicine, as our Healer. We'll share many self-care and mind-body techniques, including the use of frequency plus intention for personalized healing and self-calibration, as we practice living with Unconditional Love toward ourselves and each other.
Special guest teacher Karina Quiroga, founder of the Mandala Sound School in Argentina, and a most accomplished teacher using voice, drums and emotional rhythm, joins us from Buenos Aries. Also joining us is our resident herbalist Mary Jo Hoven, and guest teacher/astrologer Stephanie Austin, who will offer insights of our journey together.

Topics include:

  • Shining Light on our Shadow

  • Aston Kinetic Movement

  • Dissolving held and undigested memories

  • Daily work with Sound and Meditation

  • Daily tune-ups

  • SoundWorks Formulas

  • Sound as Energy Work

  • Sound for Self Care

  • Listening Skills to enhance and expand our relationship with Sound

I do not teach Sound. I guide you in finding Sound as your teacher. Sound has been my teacher throughout my life.
Blessed Be, Vickie Dodd


WHEN:    June 14-21st, 2018 

WHERE:   Nature Bridge Campus on Lake Crescent,              Olympic National Park, WA

COST:      $1,795.00 includes all meals and lodging 

($1615.50 with early bird discount through April 30)

Email Vickie for more information/registration.

About Vickie Dodd
About NatureBridge in Olympic National Park
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Groups are welcome. Ideal for 6 - 12, maximum size is 20.

About Vickie

Vickie is an internationally known pioneer in the field of Sound as a Bodywork and the director of SoundBody Productions and the School for Sound and Sacred Arts. She is an Aston-Patterning Teacher, author, poet, nutritionist, herbalist, workshop leader and musician. She started using sound as a healing modality in her work with her clients over 30 years ago, and has trained with many master teachers in the art of body therapies and spiritual purification tools.

Vickie has the rare ability to "sense" the subtle rhythm, vibrations, and tones that all matter produces. She uses her remarkable gift of "sounding" to match the unique soundprint of a person. To this sensitivity, Vickie has added serious study and exploration into the curative aspects of sound, color and movement. She has designed a system that integrates emotional memories within the physical body and facilitates the release of long-held emotional distress. 


She is the author of "Tuning the Blues to Gold: Soundprints" and has several recordings available. As director of Soundbody Productions she lives in Port Angeles, Washington, and teaches in Europe and many locations around the USA.

"Sound has been my teacher, inspiration, mentor, path of discovery and awakening my entire life. I would love to share with you some of the experiences gained from this relationship." ~  Vickie Dodd

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