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Young Women's Empowerment Circle


PART 1: The Opening | 3-month program | $900

Who am I becoming? Where am I headed? How can I tell if I'm on the right path? What will it take to create the life of my dreams?  Where is my tribe? 

How can I stand in my own true power?


Welcome to SaSSi!

"The group has given me the opportunity for self reflection,

personal growth, and healing under Valerie’s skillful teaching

and guidance. It is particularly enjoyable to be in a group of

women who so closely resemble me in age, stage of life and

human kindness.~ Current SaSSi Member


SaSSi - short for Sacred Shamanic Sisterhood - is a vibrant community of women in their 20's and early 30's seeking to grow into their most empowered, compassionate, and creative Selves. They are eager to discover their true potential and share their abundant gifts with the world.


This 3-month program invites you to embark on a unique co-creative healing journey guided by the transformative power of sound, shamanic wisdom, and expert facilitation, all while held in the embrace of a supportive sisterhood. The Journey - which consists of both small-group community circles and individual healing sessions - unfolds over time in a deep container of safety, so you can grow in confidence as you deepen your skills.

The Three Pillars of SaSSi

Shamanic Wisdom

The art of Shamanic Journeying is a direct path of spiritual revelation and wisdom, and the first pillar of SaSSi. Guided by the beat of the shaman's drum, you learn to be a SpiritWalker, navigating between the worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary reality. The gifts of this practice allow you to:

  • Connect with your spirit allies and helpers

  • Create a personal healing sanctuary in the spirit world

  • Receive direct guidance and inspiration from teachers, angels and guides

  • Develop your intuition

  • Enhance your personal power and energy

  • Increase your power of manifestation in the physical realm

  • Understand your place in the great cosmic dance

Sound & Energy Healing

Life presents many challenges, especially to those of us who are highly sensitive and intuitive, so the second pillar of SaSSi focuses on self-healing. You will develop a toolkit of sound healing practices that bring you home to yourself and help you stay there. You will learn basic energetic principles and practical skills to navigate the tricky business of living as a spiritual being in a physical body. These powerful tools for self-healing can be meditative or expressive, and guaranteed fun. They will help you:

  • Relax and manage stress

  • Ground and balance your energy

  • Form skillful boundaries and protection

  • Clear negative energy from your field

  • Find freedom from old patterns of flight or fight

  • Keep you balanced and grounded as you navigate life's challenges

  • Cultivate a daily practice for nurturing the still sound center of your being... and learn to live from there


Sharing your journey with others during this dynamic phase of your life offers so many treasures. Each SaSSi cohort is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, so you get to truly know one another and be seen in all your vulnerability and power. Here are just a few benefits that will stay with you for a lifetime:

  • A deepening connection with others walking the same path

  • Compassionate witnessing of both your suffering and your joy

  • Validation for your insights and emotions

  • Shared joy of discovery

  • Growing in confidence and compassion

  • Collective healing

  • Access to the wider SaSSi community

  • Lifetime friendships

  • FUN!

You will graduate from this program with your feet planted solidly on the ground - cheered on by your sisters - able to face the challenges of life with fearlessness and trust, confident in your inner guidance and connection with your Higher Self.


"I learned to let go of my fears to make room for my career to blossom. I have found clarity in what I want to do with my life and what I want to bring to the world." ~ Current SaSSi Member

Program details

The program consists of regular SaSSi Circles (group meetings) as well as one-on-one healing sessions with Valerie. This dual path of individual and collective commitment to your healing journey paves the way for exponential, life-changing personal growth.

  • Next cohort begins in March 2020

  • Two 2.5-hour Evening Circles per month (6 total) from 7 - 9:30pm. Dates will be determined by participant interest and availability.

  • One individual 90-minute Shamanic Sound Healing session per month

  • 20% off all any additional sessions or gift certificates with Valerie


    • Pay upfront $900 or pay monthly: $300/month

Dates for the next cohort depend upon participant availability. If interested, please fill out our short application form below.

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