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Vibrational Elevation for Your SOUL

A Soul Retrieval Journey that returns what's been lost and allows you to live whole and free

  • 3 hours
  • 450 US dollars
  • 1834 Key Blvd.

Service Description

• RE-VISIT the sacred path of your life's journey that has made you the incredible human you are • RECLAIM your wholeness and bring more of yourself to address life's challenges with ease • REJOICE in your multi-faceted and completely unique presence In indigenous cultures, soul loss is considered the leading cause of disharmony and disease. When we experience trauma—physical, emotional, or mental—our soul can fragment, leaving us feeling like something vital is missing and opening a gateway to illness and psycho-spiritual malaise. Psychologists refer to this as dissociation, but have little knowledge of the terrain in which part of our vital essence, or soul, can be lost. In a Soul Retrieval journey, we track these lost aspects and bring them home. HOW IT WORKS We start with four simple questions that I give you in advance to help you dive deeply into your past experiences, patterns, and desires. The more thorough you can be in your self-examination, the more areas we will be able to explore during your session. We’ll spend the first part of your session with a thorough exploration of the answers you’ve provided, allowing you the opportunity for deep, non-judgmental witnessing and gentle facilitation. Afterwards, you'll relax on the treatment table (or in a safe place in nature or your home if working remotely) while I journey on your behalf to retrieve any lost soul parts that are ready to come home. Each time a soul part is restored, I will ‘breathe’ it into your heart and crown. There are usually multiple retrievals during the course of the session. Often, I will be guided to enhance the healing experience with tuning forks and other instruments, or take you through a gentle somatic process. Your job i