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30-minutes  online  |  $45

Within each of us, there is a still sound center. It is always there.


But with the noise, fear, anxiety, and flurry of activity that surrounds us, especially during chaotic times, it's easy to lose touch with our center.


Our low-cost Shelter-in-Sound Discovery session helps you come back to your own center of quiet, grounded presence, the only place we can truly count on to find authentic safety. During the session, you will learn simple sounding practices you can do anytime to bring you back home to you. It's a great way to relieve the stress and loneliness caused by uncertain, changing times. When you rediscover your sound center, you regain power, confidence, and resilience. 

Consider this session if:

  • You're going nuts because of this scary pandemic.

  • You're the one holding it together for all your friends and family who are going nuts.

  • You've just watched the news and you feel like screaming.

  • You feel lonely, isolated, and anxious.

  • You don't feel grounded or centered.

  • You're having trouble sleeping.

  • Productivity and focus are out the window.


Read more about the health benefits of Sheltering In Sound​

How it works:


We meet in the privacy of a secure Zoom room, and spend a few minutes discussing what's up for you and where you would like support. The session unfolds as an improvisation based on your individual needs. Think of it as a play date that's about listening, sounding, and sharing.


And did I mention that it's LOTS OF FUN?

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