What is Sound Healing?

Balance ~ Harmony ~ Resonance

More people than ever before are seeking new (and old) ways to find balance, reduce stress, relieve pain and deal with the ever-changing demands of contemporary life. Among the many alternative forms of health care and therapy available today, Sound Healing offers a harmonious approach that promotes wellness of the whole human and forges connection within groups and communities.

What exactly is Sound Healing?

This is the question I'm most frequently asked when people find out what I do. The expressions on their faces range from fascinated to puzzled to downright skeptical. "So what is it?," they want to know - a crystal bowl? a tuning fork? drumming? chanting mantras? sound immersions? Yes, it is all those things, but what comes to mind for most people are the tools or techniques that we healing practitioners use to profoundly affect the human organism on physical, emotional, energetic, and psycho-spiritual planes. We are the pioneers integrating many tools and techniques, from the scientific to the esoteric, to bring forth our unique creative expressions in this evolving and potent field.

So how does it work?

Sound in its most basic form is vibration – the movement of unseen molecular matter from one place to the next. Given that we, as humans, are made up of this same vibrational matter, we are able to use sonic frequencies to alter our own physical and emotional makeup.

Everyone has experienced how it feels to tap our feet to a favorite song, to listen to the ocean, to hear a bird singing, a baby crying, the hum of traffic, or the clamor of construction.

Sound Healing harnesses the therapeutic potential of these sonic experiences to affect our being. By using sound with knowledge and intention, we can target its restorative benefits to promote greater physical, mental and emotional health.

The modalities offered by sound healing practitioners vary widely. Some techniques focus on the human voice, through chanting, singing or toning, as a powerful medium to get the whole body vibrating with health and vitality. Crystal bowls, Tibetan bells and singing bowls, didgeridoos, drums and percussion instruments, as well as other acoustic and electronic instruments are frequently used by Sound Healers.

Vibratory therapies involve sound waves that are applied directly to the body by means of tuning forks, vibro-acoustic furniture (sound tables, chairs and platforms) or other instruments.

The field hosts a growing number of professional musicians, performing artists and therapists of many kinds. Their offerings range from rhythm circles for community building and treatment of disease, to the production of psycho-acoustic music that alters brainwave states to enhance balance, relaxation or focus.

Increasingly, practitioners are finding tremendous success using specially treated music for brain development, learning, and productivity. These modalities are becoming widely used for children and adults with ADD/ADHD, autism, brain injury, dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Applications of sound healing used by the medical establishment include music specifically designed to promote relaxation before and after surgery, ultrasound as a diagnostic tool and to break up gall stones, along with recent experiments to restore health to the organs by re-establishing their resonant frequencies.

Merging the Old with the New

Sound Healing is one of the most ancient healing arts, at the same time our contemporary understanding of energy allows for its emergence on the cutting edge of medical and spiritual technology. This is just a hint, a taste of the possibilities peeking through the blinds. The best way is to experience it is for yourself.

Your Sound Center in a Noisy World

At the Vestibule, we are committed to bringing you a wide range of sound healing modalities, one-of-a kind workshops, accomplished artists and exciting experiences to help you discover your own Sound Center in a Noisy World.

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