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Healing with Sound

Imagine you’re at the seaside listening to the ocean waves rhythmically lapping the shore, gently ebbing away before surging forward again and again. Simply recalling the sound can fill you with serenity and vitality.


Sound waves enter our body through our ears, our skin, and our bones.

Like the music of the sea, sound wave vibrations from musical instruments, tuning forks and our own voices penetrate deeply to restore harmony to the body, tranquility to the heart, and clarity to the mind.

Ancient & Modern Science

Sound Healing is the most ancient healing art. Today it is emerging on the cutting edge of medical and spiritual technology. At The Vestibule, we are dedicated to bringing forth as many expressions of Sound Healing as possible through our therapeutic treatmentshome listening programs, and corporate services, as well as workshops with dynamic facilitators, musicians and practitioners on the leading edge of the field.


Why it Works

Stress, noise, and overwhelm are epidemic in our society. Medical science affirms the serious impact of these conditions on our physical health and emotional wellbeing.


On the other hand, healthy or coherent sound has a beneficial effect that reaches us on many dimensions - physical, mental and spiritual. Through the principle of resonance, working with sound can quickly restore harmony to our cells, organs, systems and psyche.


Skillfully applied, sound is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to bring our whole being into resonance. It feels great too! 

Healing with Sound

Through SOUND, we activate the innate healing wisdom of the body. 
We become our own natural healer.

Life itself is attracted by our resonance, and we find
ourselves moving through it with more ease, power and grace.

“Every cell in our body is a sound resonator.   Every cell lives in a rhythmic pattern.   Each organ in our body has its own pulse.

Each and every system has a cycle, rhythm, pattern and pulse that exist in resonant harmony to the cycles of the Earth and heavens.

These bodily systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness.”

~ Donna Carey PhD, LAc, creator of Acutonics™ 

Sound Healing at The Vestibule
What's a Vestibule?
Agapanthus Buds copy-flipped_edited.jpg

In my study of Sound and

its profound effect on our wellbeing...

I became fascinated by the vestibular system of the ear with its mysterious labyrinths and canals, minute bones, and tireless muscles. This system is responsible for so many of the ways we relate to the world: our sense of balance, our spatial orientation, our ability to move in any direction, and even our capacity to stand upright.


If all this can be contained in such a tiny chamber of the inner ear, what might be possible in our own Sound Living Vestibule? It became a metaphor for the healing work—a passageway between the outer door and the inner sanctum, a gateway to another dimension...

Valerie Carpenter, Founder


Vestibule \ves-tə-byül\ noun 

Origin: L. vestibulum; antechamber, entrance court


  1. In architecture, a passage, hall or room between the outer door and the inner sanctum

  2. In anatomy, any of various bodily cavities serving as an entrance to another cavity or space: as the central cavity of the bony labyrinth of the inner ear or the membranous labyrinth it contains 

  3. Figuratively used to denote a place of entrance that offers access (as to something new) 

  4. In science fiction, a gateway to another dimension...

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