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Mon, May 18 | Online Course

Emotions At Work—
Special Offer for COVID-19

Find out how your emotions work, why it matters, and what to do about it.

Time & Location

8-week Online Course begins Monday, May 18

About The Event

Emotional Intelligence is a science and practice that applies to all challenges in life. Whether you find yourself at home, on the front line, in a precarious situation, or filled with uncertainty for the time being, learning the skills that come with Emotional Intelligence will support you on many levels.


In response to the tremendous challenges of our time, expert coach and facilitator, Joie Seldon, along with her partners at Innerplicity, are making her valuable online course "Emotions at Work" available at low (or no) cost to you.


This course is for people dealing with stress-inducing pressures, loss, conflict, or difficult people. It offers tools and resources that will not only get you through challenging times but will help you thrive beyond them.


It is also for businesses that want to help their leaders and employees learn to cope in ways that keep the company thriving with the least amount of stress possible. A harmonious workplace, where people know how to handle change, conflict, give feedback and build rapport, will positively impact productivity and results.


Learn how to: 

  • Deal with pressures at work or home—change, lack of resources, difficult personalities—with greater confidence and skill

  • Experience, understand, and express emotions appropriately, creating trust rather than discord

  • Create a personal environment or a corporate culture that supports strong leadership, creativity and cooperation

Each week starts a new module with several short lessons within each module, along with instructional videos. Participants move through the lessons when it's convenient to them, and every other week is a live one-hour Zoom call with Joie where she will lead you through exercises and you'll have a chance to ask questions. She will also be available throughout the course by email. 


Dates & Times:

  • Course begins Monday, May 18—includes setup, distribution of class materials, and first self-study module

  • Live calls with Joie—Wednesdays 11 am to 12 pm PST

    • May 27

    • June 10

    • June 24

    • July 8

Payment options:
  • Full Scholarships—for those experiencing financial hardship and first responders, teachers, and other essential workers

  • For Individuals—$99 for those who can afford to pay during the pandemic

  • For Businesses—Team enrollment for up to 10 co-workers for the price of one standard $569 tuition


About Joie 

Joie Seldon, M.A. is a recognized expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence. She teaches individuals how to utilize their emotions as a powerful tool for building leadership skills, improving personal relationships, and creating more enjoyment in life. In corporate settings, she has helped countless business professionals benefit from one of the most valuable missing pieces of a successful career—their emotions. She coaches executives, project managers, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs, to clarify their priorities, improve employee engagement and reduce their personal stress. Drawing on her background in the performing arts, a master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from JFK University, and 30 years of study on the topic of emotions and human behavior, Joie brings a creative, fun and practical approach to help you develop you own Emotional Intelligence.

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