Free at Last

6-month program  |  $3495 in full or $595/month

Are you finally ready to get to the other side of the fear, anxiety, or depression that has shadowed you for a lifetime? Are you haunted by trauma? Has your unresolved past resulted in undesirable consequences for your health, your livelihood and your relationships in the present?

This program is a life-changer!

"I've gotten more out of six months with Valerie than I did from

six years of therapy!" ~ Katie L., Filmmaker


The invitation ...

... is to embark on a co-creative healing journey with our unique integration of the shamanic healing arts, core emotional release techniques, the healing power of sound, somatic bodywork, and expert facilitation, gently guide you to grow into the infinitely creative spirit you secretly know yourself to be. Together we'll explore the psycho-spiritual issues arising from present and previous lifetimes - as well as energy patterns affecting you from the unseen realms - and help you release the unconscious programming that has been running you.

What you will gain

Working over time in a solid container of safety allows your body to trust again and let go of trauma at a cellular level. Sessions include training in practical exercises in self-healing with sound, energetic hygiene, boundaries and protection, grounding and centering. This program liberates you from negative core belief systems so you can be happy and live free.

You will graduate from this program with your feet planted solidly on the ground, able to face the challenges of life with fearlessness and trust, confident in your inner guidance and connection with your Higher Self.


This program includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute Vibrational Elevation sessions *

  • One 3-hour Soul Retrieval session

  • Twelve 30-minute phone check-ins between sessions 

  • Bonus 20% discount on additional sessions and gift certificates

  • Automated payments via PayPal

  • Regular appointment date/time, with no penalty for rescheduling

  • Monthly payment plan available 

* For best results, we recommend scheduling sessions every two weeks, although the program may be condensed or adjusted to meet your needs.