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We offer an extensive menu of individual sessions and signature programs. Choose a category and click to learn more.

Individual Sessions

These treatment options can be booked as stand-alone sessions. If you are looking for more in-depth work, scroll down to check out our signature programs.

Inner Harmony
Stress & Pain Relief

If relief of stress or pain is top of your list, check out our different sound healing options. These offerings will nurture you with profound relaxation and guide you back to your still, sound center - the place where all transformation and healing begins.

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Shamanic Healing

Looking for profound transformation and deep healing? Explore these shamanic sound sessions to release negative energy patterns and belief systems, clear unwanted energy, resolve past lives, and restore lost or fragmented aspects of your soul.

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Relationship Renewal

Check out our menu of heart attunement sessions to clear your vibrational space and bring more harmony and ease into your significant relationships. Great for couples, mothers/daughters, close friends and business partners. 

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Distance Healing

Live outside of the SF Bay Area? No problem. We offer remote healing sessions via phone or Skype. Individual sessions include grounding and centering, shamanic sound healing and soul retrieval. We also offer ongoing shamanic coaching programs tailored to your needs.

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Signature Programs

Our programs are designed to take you further and maintain you longer than a single session can. Choose how you want to feel from the options below.

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Are you looking to stay healthy with the seasons and keep stress at bay? Do you take your heath and wellbeing for granted until you get sick or too tired to function? Stay in tune with a monthly subscription service to our Inner Harmony Sound Healing sessions.

View our Humming Along program

Humming Along

Based on more than 40 years of research into social-emotional processes, this groundbreaking program is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience.

View our Safe and Sound program

Safe and Sound

Are you finally ready to get to the other side of the fear, anxiety, or depression that has shadowed you for a lifetime? Has your unresolved past resulted in undesirable consequences for your health, your livelihood and your relationships in the present?

View our Free at Last program

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