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Tibetan Bells at the Vestibule

Special Offers

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The Ultimate Ahhh!

Three 90-minute sessions  |  Regularly $450

Mother's Day Special $100 off when booked during the month of May


Your Ultimate Ahhh! Relaxation Reboot


This package of our three favorite restorative sessions quiets your mind, restores your body and revitalizes your beauty. It's designed to keep your groove going so you can keep stride with the busy pace of life feeling—and looking—FANTASTIC!


  • An extended 90-minute Inner Harmony session restores balance and calm

    Let yourself melt into an inner stillness where you can completely let go, feeling held and safe. Our signature sound healing treatment uses Acutonics tuning forks and other natural instruments to pamper you with sound and vibration while addressing your body's specific needs for balance and health. By direct contact with acupuncture points and meridians, the vibrations penetrate deeply into the body to effect rapid relief for many kinds of physical and emotional distress. You emerge feeling grounded, centered, peaceful, refreshed and recharged.


  • 90-minute Quiet Mind session clears mental limitations and obstacles with ease

    This technique, also called Access Bars, involves gentle holding of specific points on the head that can release lifetimes of programming, limitations, judgments, attitudes, emotions and beliefs stored electromagnetically in the brain. Held in silence, or amplified by facilitated spoken release techniques, this deeply relaxing session invites effortless transformation into your life. Immediate benefits include: clarity of mind, increased energy, improved sleep, elimination of cravings and enhanced sense of wellbeing. At the least, it will feel like the best rest you've had in a long time; for many, life changes in significant and surprising ways.


  • 90-minute Harmonic Facelift session erases cares from your face and restore joy to your heart

    Years of frustration, anger, worry, doubt and fear are written all over the face in the form of sags, bags and unwanted lines. Wrinkles don’t simply appear as we age; they are what happens to our face when negative emotions get locked into place. A combination of gentle touch, tuning forks, cognitive release techniques and anointing with essential oils ease you into deep relaxation to actively lift your face and décolletage while shifting subtle negative energy around aging. This treatment is profoundly healing for your entire body as it simultaneously turns back the clock before your eyes. You'll emerge feeling—and looking—ten years younger.

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