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Humming Along

Are you looking for a way to keep stress at bay and to stay healthy with the seasons?  Do you take your heath and wellbeing for granted until you get sick or too tired to function? Or would you welcome a trusted guide to help you stay on course with your personal healing or spiritual journey? Our monthly Humming Along subscription may be what you're looking for.

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One 90-minute session/month


Safe & Sound

Our nervous systems relies on two things to keep us calm and to help us be flexible and resilient. These are a sense of safety and a feeling of connection. Without these, we can feel reactive, overwhelmed and anxious. Learn how a 5-day listening program can restore your sense of safety and connection to build a more resilient nervous system.

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Five-session listening program


Free at Last

Are you finally ready to get to the other side of the fear, anxiety, or depression that has shadowed you for a lifetime? Has your unresolved past resulted in undesirable consequences for your health, your livelihood and your relationships in the present? Our Free At Last program can help you break free from the past and feel empowered in the present.

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Comprehensive 6 – month program

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