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Discover your
Sound Center in a Noisy World
Welcome to The Vestibule Center for Sound Living, where we use the potent medicine of sound, music and vibration to restore your body, quiet your mind, free your voice, and liberate your spirit.
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I See You

You are a motivated female professional, perhaps a healer, an avid adventurer on your spiritual path. Creative, curious, and compassionate—you value authenticity, connection, and personal freedom above all.

Your heart yearns for a meaningful life, complete with fulfilling relationships, inspiring work, and time for yourself to be the best you can be.

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Stressed Woman

I Get You

You try so hard to live up to your own—and everyone else’s—expectations, that your own dreams often slip through the cracks—and you wind up feeling totally burnt out.

At the worst of times, you seesaw between anxiety and depression, with the weight of past traumas sometimes feeling more real than your present reality.

In any case, overwhelm, anxiety, and self-doubt take up waaaay too much of your time and energy.


Many women I meet tell me mournfully, "I need to find my voice." Feeling like you're not fully seen or heard can be incredibly lonely—and finding your voice in the midst of it all can be really challenging. Let's change that.

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I Feel You

You want to be in a place where...

  • Your body learns to trust again...

  • Your nervous system understands it's safe to relax and let go...

  • You begin to feel more like the YOU you used to know

So you can...

  • Feel fully SEEN & HEARD… and appreciated for the unique, complex, and powerful woman you are.

  • Receive healing at the deepest levels and move away from old patterns of behavior that keep you stuck.

  • Master the skills, knowledge and insight to maintain your new inner harmony.

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Hi! I'm Valerie Devi Carpenter and I'm here to help!

Growing up in a family where it wasn't safe to express our emotions, I understand the frustration, anxiety, self-doubt and exhaustion that comes from not feeling fully seen or heard.


Now, as a visionary sound healer, mentor and shamanic counselor, I support overextended, accomplished women who are tired of twisting themselves into knots trying to live up to their own—or everybody else’s—expectations. My greatest joy is helping motivated women like you to feel grounded, centered, whole, and FREE! so you can stand confidently in your authentic power.

My forty years in the performing arts inspired me to create a signature system that has supported hundreds of women to unleash the power of their voice for self-healing, spiritual growth, and to speak up for what they want—and get it!

Ways I Can Help



Sound-infused bodywork holds you in a cocoon of nurturing safety to FREE your body from pain, stress, and unwanted energies or beliefs that are holding you back—and to ELEVATE your vibrational frequency so you can ATTRACT the abundance, opportunities, and relationships you most desire. Whether you're looking for deep relaxation or powerful transformation, this path is for you.


Using practices to CALM your nervous system, FREE your voice, and UNLOCK your authentic power, I’ll teach you how to come home to your calm, centered presence—and how to return again and again. You get to experience the confidence of being truly seen and heard, feel happier in your work and relationships, and effortlessly replenish the vital energy you need to work, play, sleep, and love.


Brain Health

No matter what our age, our brain can still grow and repair. Our EARS are the gateway to unlocking the tremendous potential for lasting brain change by activating neural pathways used in the processing of sensory information. REDUCES anxiety & dysregulation, and auditory sensitivity; IMPROVES learning & attention, social engagement, productivity & focus, brain healing, and SLEEP.

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5 Steps to Get Past Overwhelm Without Losing Your Edge


“The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself... everything you want, you already are.”  


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